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Apple iPad (10th gen) might see repositioned camera and Touch ID button

Apple is rumoured to be working on a 10th generation of its entry-level iPad and there have been rumours to suggest the tablet will see a big redesign this year. 

Previous reports showed the device with flat edges – like the more recent iPad mini and iPad Air models – and a dual rear camera within a pill-shaped housing. The Touch ID home button was still present at the bottom of the screen in those reports.

A more recent report from Japanese site Macotakara has claimed the Touch ID button could move to within the power button though – like the iPad Air and iPad mini. If true – and we are taking it with a pinch of salt for now – it would see the bezels around the display of the iPad (10th gen) become more uniformed like the rest of the iPad portfolio.

The report also claims the FaceTime HD camera will be very different and potentially move to the right side. This is apparently because when in use for features like FaceTime video calls, it makes more sense for the tablet to be landscape rather than portrait. 

Macotakara does say at the end of the report that everything remains speculation and the exact details are unknown so we aren’t taking it as gospel for now. There is something to be said for moving the camera to the side though and this would only make sense from a design perspective if the Touch ID home button wasn’t at the bottom anymore, so it’s not completely far fetched.

For now, you can read all the rumours and reports surrounding the Apple iPad (10th generation) in our separate feature.

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