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Apple could hold October event for new iPads

Apple is expected to hold an event in September for the launch of the iPhone 14 models and the Apple Watch Series 8, but a report suggests we can also expect an event to be held in October.

A blog post from Lanzuk on Korean blog Naver has claimed the 10th generation of the entry level iPad could be announced at the “end of October”, alongside new iPad Pro models.

The information is said to have come from a Chinese manufacturer source and alongside the release date, the post also mentions some design differences we can expect from the next entry-level iPad.

It’s said it will offer a slimmer design like the iPad mini, with a “square shape”, though we suspect this is referring to the flat edges the rest of the iPad portfolio now offers except for the entry-level model.

The post also suggests the 10th generation model will remove the 3.5mm headphone jack, switch to USB-C for charging and offer a larger display than its predecessor. It is also claimed to have a protruding rear camera and previous rumours have suggested it will be a dual rear camera this time around. 

Finally, the post from Lanzuk said the iPad (10th gen) would run on the A14 Bionic chip, while the iPad Pro models are expected to offer the M2 chip.

For now, nothing is confirmed, though Apple does typically hold an event in October for iPads and Macs so this rumour isn’t too far fetched. As for the design changes, we’ve heard some of them before so we guess we will have to just wait and see, but it could be a good year for the entry-level iPad.

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