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Popular Delta Retro Game Emulator Coming to iPad

Game emulator Delta has made a splash on iPhone following Apple’s recently announced App Store support for retro game emulators, and now the developer Riley Testut has confirmed that Delta is almost ready for its iPad debut.

In a post shared on Threads over the weekend, Testut said the iPad version is “near completion,” with just controller skins to finish and some bug fixes to iron out.

Testut explained that Delta for iPad had not originally been a development priority because the plan was to limit the emulator’s launch to the EU via alternative app marketplace AltStore PAL, which doesn’t support iPad.

However, in a reversal of a years-old policy, Apple earlier this month announced that it would allow retro game emulators on the ‌App Store‌. Delta was therefore made available on the App Store as a free download in the United States and other countries on April 17, with users supporting the developer via Patreon.

Delta has been hugely popular since its debut on the App Store and the emulator has been a constant presence in the Top Charts, with users flocking to play retro games that originally appeared on NES, SNES, N64, Nintendo DS, Game Boy, and Game Boy Advance.

Delta works with popular game controllers, and supports cheats, save states, backups, syncing, and more. Other features include an option to fast forward, a “hold” button for games where a button needs to be consistently held, support for Haptic Touch, and box art for imported games. Local multiplayer gaming is available on iPhone, and up to four players can participate. A future version of Delta will also include SEGA Genesis support, according to Testut.

iPad support will arrive when Delta 1.6 hits the App Store, but Patreon supporters don’t have to wait and can grab Delta 1.6 now.
This article, “Popular Delta Retro Game Emulator Coming to iPad” first appeared on MacRumors.com

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