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OnePlus could be the next to try to compete with the iPad

OnePlus had been rumoured to have a new tablet in the works as far back as 2021. But now it might be happening for reals this time.

We first heard of the OnePlus interest in building a tablet of its own back in December 2021, with there being a small suggestion that we could see it released this year. That hasn’t happened, but now we’re being told that 2023 will be the big year.

The latest claim comes via the well-connected Max Jambor who took to Twitter to claim that “OnePlus has a tablet in development”, adding that a “launch is scheduled for next year”. It isn’t clear what happened to claims of this year’s release, but we did at least a release from OnePlus’ parent company. The Oppo Pad arrived in February of 2022 and it was expected that the OnePlus Pad would follow suit.

OnePlus has a tablet in development.
Launch is scheduled for next year! #OnePlusPad

— Max Jambor (@MaxJmb) November 14, 2022

The Android tablet market has been a strange one for a long time now. Tablet sales in general tend to be the iPad and then everyone else, with Samsung perhaps the biggest name keen to go toe-to-toe with Apple.

We already know that Google has its own Pixel Tablet penciled in for a 2023 release, of course, and some might hope that will give Android on tablets a leg up. If that is indeed the case, OnePlus might be about to enter the fray at just the right time.

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