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Apple quietly kills the old-school iPad and its headphone jack

Apple no longer sells the ninth-gen iPad, which was the last iPad with a headphone jack. | Photo by Dan Seifert / The Verge

Along with introducing a new iPad Air and iPad Pro during its Let Loose event, Apple quietly killed its ninth-gen iPad — also known as the last iPad with a headphone jack. The 10th-gen iPad is now the sole entry-level iPad in Apple’s official lineup and, as such, has received a $100 price cut.

Released in late 2022, the 10th-generation iPad arrived starting at $449, or about $120 more than base entry-level iPads from previous years. Apple justified the price increase with new iPad Air-like features, like a 10.9-inch screen and USB-C support.

However, we never believed the price increase was warranted. After all, the now last-gen iPad Air was often on sale for around the same price, but with a faster processor, a nicer display, and…

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