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The latest iPad Air is once again matching its all-time low price

Unlike the latest iPad, the 2022 iPad Air works with the second-gen Apple Pencil and is only $50 more. | Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

It’s anybody’s guess whether or not Apple will release a new iPad during its rumored September iPhone 15 event, but if you need one now, the latest iPad Air has thankfully returned to its all-time low price. You can currently buy the Wi-Fi-enabled iPad Air with 64GB of storage for $499.99 ($100 off) at Best Buy in all five shades. The tablet’s also on sale over at Amazon, although it’s only in stock in a few colorways.

Considering the latest 10th-gen iPad sells for just $50 less, the iPad Air offers a lot of value for your money. We think it’s the best iPad for most people for many reasons, like the fact that the Air works with the second-gen Apple Pencil, unlike that 10th-gen iPad. At the same time, it comes equipped with a faster…

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