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Pages, Numbers, and Keynote Apps for iPad Now Support Apple Pencil Hover

Apple today updated its Pages, Numbers, and Keynote apps for iPad with Apple Pencil hover support. Apple says this feature “makes it easy to navigate, write, sketch, and illustrate with greater precision” on the latest 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

The latest iPad Pro models can detect the second-generation Apple Pencil while it hovers up to 12mm above the display, allowing users to preview their drawing before they make it. And for the Scribble feature, which converts handwriting to text on the iPad, text fields automatically expand when the Apple Pencil is hovered over the screen.

Apple Pencil hover gained tilt and azimuth support with iPadOS 16.4, released earlier this week. Apple discussed the feature in a recent interview.

Pages, Numbers, and Keynote received a few other improvements on both iOS and macOS, including bug fixes and the ability to export and send a copy of a document, spreadsheet, or presentation in a different format from the Share menu. The updates are available for free on the App Store and Mac App Store.

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