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Next iPad Air Again Rumored to Feature Landscape Front Camera

The next-generation iPad Air will be equipped with a landscape front camera, according to the leaker known as “ShrimpApplePro.”

If this information is accurate, the front camera on the next iPad Air would be located in the bezel to the right of the screen when the device is held upright. As a result, the front camera would be positioned at the top of the iPad when the device is in landscape orientation, making it centered with the user’s eyes during video calls. This change would be especially beneficial to those who use the iPad Air with a Magic Keyboard.

On the current iPad Air, the front camera is in the top bezel above the screen, resulting in it being off-center in landscape orientation.

The leaker does not expect the next iPad Air to have any other significant design changes. They also cast doubt on a larger 12.9-inch iPad Air, but that model has been widely rumored by multiple sources, so it would be surprising if it did not launch.

A landscape front camera had already been rumored for both the next iPad Pro and iPad Air, so it is becoming an increasingly likely design change. Apple already repositioned the front camera on the entry-level iPad 10 a few years ago, so it would make sense for the change to be expanded to the entire iPad lineup eventually.

“During ‌Face ID‌ setup, iPad needs to be in landscape with the camera at the top of the screen,” read hidden code in iPadOS 17.4.

Apple is expected to unveil new iPads in late March or in April.

“ShrimpApplePro” has a mixed track record with Apple rumors over the past few years. The leaker accurately revealed details about devices like the iPhone 15 Pro and Apple Watch Series 9, but they were incorrect about the Apple Watch Ultra 2 being available in a Space Black finish and the iPad mini being updated in 2023.

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