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New M4-powered iPad Pro (2024) blows its M2-based predecessor out of the water

This week Apple launched new iPad Pros and new iPad Airs – yes, plural, the Air now comes in 11” and 13” sizes like the Pro models. Also interesting is that the Air is in a sense an “iPad Pro SE”, i.e. the 2024 models use the Apple M2 chip that the 2022 Pros used, while the 2022 Air had an M1 like the 2021 Pros.

M4 vs. M2 performance (numbers by Apple)

Is this starting to get confusing? Let’s put aside model numbers and look at early performance benchmarks from the new iPad Pros, which use the brand new Apple M4 chip, and compare them to 2022 Pros. The Geekbench database doesn’t have…

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