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Lenovo’s new Android tablet looks like a really big iPad Pro

The Lenovo Tab Extreme comes with a dual-hinge keyboard that works just like the Magic Keyboard Folio for the iPad. | Image: Lenovo

The 14.5-inch Lenovo Tab Extreme seems like Lenovo’s answer to the iPad Pro, right down to the sleek gray chassis, Magic Keyboard-like keyboard stand, and stylus. It’s just a little bigger.

The $1,199 Tab Extreme has a 14.5-inch 120Hz 3K OLED display and runs Android 13. It comes with a dual-hinge keyboard that serves as a stand, letting you lift the device up and off your desk while you type, as well as a separate magnetic dual-mode stand that lets you position the tablet horizontally or vertically. It also comes with the Lenovo Precision Pen 3.

For comparison, the 12.9-inch M2-equipped iPad Pro starts at $1,099 without the Magic Keyboard Folio or Apple Pencil, which cost $349 and $129, respectively. That all adds up to $1,677, and…

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