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Leaker Claims New 11th-Generation Low-Cost iPad Will Launch Tomorrow

Apple will introduce a new low-cost 11th-generation iPad tomorrow, according to leaker Majin Bu. Majin Bu claims that the new ‌iPad‌ will have the same design as the 10th-generation model, and that accessories “will be perfectly compatible.”

Last week, the same leaker claimed that Apple would debut a third-generation Apple Pencil with interchangeable magnetic tips, and today’s rumor comes following conflicting reports about products that Apple might be introducing tomorrow.

Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman said on Sunday that while new iPads are in development, new models are not expected this month, while reports from 9to5Mac and Supercharged News claimed that Apple plans to introduce new iPad mini, iPad Air, and ‌iPad‌ models as soon as Tuesday. Separately, Japanese site Mac Otakara reported that Apple doesn’t have plans to introduce new iPads, but will debut a new Apple Pencil 3 instead.

Majin Bu’s report of an 11th-generation ‌iPad‌ does not mention the ‌iPad Air‌ or the ‌iPad mini‌, and it also seems to suggest that the ‌iPad‌ will be accompanied by compatible accessories, perhaps a new ‌Apple Pencil‌ as suggested by ‌Mac Otakara‌.

Majin Bu is known for sharing rumors from Weibo and other sources, but the information that we hear is often hit or miss. At this point, it is unclear whether we’re going to get new iPads, an ‌Apple Pencil‌, or some combination of both, but we’ll find out more in the morning.

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