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iOS and iPadOS 16.1 are now available

iPadOS 16 is finally here. | Photo by David Pierce / The Verge

Apple has officially released iOS and iPadOS 16.1, along with macOS Ventura. For iPad, it means that Apple’s tablet platform will finally be getting iOS 16 features like iMessage editing and undo send in Mail. But it also marks the official release of the Stage Manager multitasking tool, which has been unpopular and buggy throughout the iPadOS betas.

My colleague David Pierce didn’t mince words in July: “I hate Stage Manager,” he wrote in his preview. Three months on, it still has some big issues, David noted in today’s review that “Stage Manager might be shipping, and it has gotten better since its first nonsensical beta, but it’s definitely not done.”

Now third-party apps can use Live Activities

Apple did delay iPadOS 16 from its…

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