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Here’s how to buy Apple’s new, refreshed iPad

The 10th-gen iPad supports the first-gen Apple Pencil for drawing and writing. | Image: Apple

Apple announced the 10th-gen iPad today, which launches on October 26th alongside a new M2 iPad Pro and brings with it a slew of new features. Falling in line with its pricier brethren, this new iPad does away with the 3.5mm headphone jack and home button in favor of a fuller 10.9-inch display. It’s still got a fingerprint reader for Touch ID, but like the newer iPad Air and Mini, it’s located in the power button on the side. It also matches those models with a USB-C port for some added convenience when it comes to charging. This big redesign comes at a significantly steeper price, however, as the 10th-gen iPad now starts at $449 with 64GB of storage.

Thankfully, last year’s ninth-generation iPad seems to be sticking around for those…

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