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Hands-On With the DaVinci Resolve Beta for iPad

Popular video editing app DaVinci Resolve from Blackmagic Design is soon going to be available on the iPad, and a beta version of the app is being tested right now. We have access to the beta, and thought we’d take a deeper look at how DaVinci Resolve performs on the ‌iPad‌ for those who are interested.

DaVinci Resolve for ‌iPad‌ was first announced in October 2022, and it is designed with multitouch technology and the Apple Pencil in mind. Performance is optimized for the Apple silicon ‌iPad‌ models, and we tested on a 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

On the latest M2 ‌iPad Pro‌ models, Ultra HD ProRes rendering is 4x faster, but it also runs well on M1 iPads.

The ‌iPad‌ version of DaVinci Resolve is basically a version of the DaVinci Resolve 18 software for the desktop, and while there are some minor interface differences, functionality is similar. The app is able to open and create standard DaVinci Resolve project files that can be used interchangeably with the desktop version of DaVinci Resolve.

In our testing, DaVinci Resolve for ‌iPad‌ worked well for most workflows, and would be suitable for day to day use. There were no dropped frames, and the editing experience was solid. Color corrections, masking, and other effects that you might assume would not do well on the ‌iPad‌ were flawless, even when working with multiple 4K clips. Make sure to watch our video to see the app in action.

Blackmagic Design is aiming to release DaVinci Resolve for the ‌iPad‌ before the end of the year, and you will need an Apple silicon ‌iPad‌ to use the software when it comes out. DaVinci Resolve for ‌iPad‌ will be free to download, but there will be a Studio version priced at $95.

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