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Gurman: New iPads to Launch Towards ‘End of March’ or April

Apple plans to release new iPad Pro and iPad Air models “around the end of March or in April,” according to Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman. He also expects new Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil accessories for iPads to launch simultaneously.

Apple is expected to release a larger 12.9-inch iPad Air

In his Power On newsletter on Sunday, Gurman reiterated that Apple is preparing a version of the already-released iPadOS 17.4 update for the new iPads:Apple is preparing to launch revamped iPad Pros, new iPad Airs (including a 12.9-inch version), a Magic Keyboard and upgraded Apple Pencil. Look for that new hardware around the end of March or in April, as that’s when the accompanying iPadOS 17.4 software should be ready to go.It is unclear if Gurman is referring to a special build of iPadOS 17.4, a forthcoming update like iPadOS 17.4.1, or something else.

The following iPad-related announcements are expected in the March-April window:Two new iPad Pro models with the M3 chip, OLED displays, a thinner enclosure, a landscape-oriented front camera, a redesigned rear camera bump and other design tweaks, and possibly MagSafe wireless charging

Two new iPad Air models with the M2 chip and a landscape-oriented front camera, including a first-ever 12.9-inch model

A new Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro with a larger trackpad, a partially-aluminum enclosure, and other design tweaks

A new Apple PencilGurman previously ruled out an Apple Event for the new iPads. Instead, the devices will likely be announced in a press release on the Apple Newsroom website, like the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Air models with the M3 chip were last week.

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