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Day 3 CES Video Roundup: Chargers From Hyper and Zendure, Lenovo’s iPad Pro-Like Tablet and Multi-Display Laptop, Plus More

The Consumer Electronics Show is taking place this week, and as of yesterday, the show floor is open. MacRumors videographer Dan Barbera is attending CES and has been checking out all of the new products this week. Our day three roundup features interesting tech that Dan discovered on the show floor, with highlights from Lenovo, Hyper, Zendure, Targus, Chefling, and more.

Lenovo had a “Tab Extreme” tablet and keyboard folio that’s suspiciously iPad Pro like, but it comes with a 14.5-inch OLED display, giving us a preview of what we might expect when Apple opts for OLED technology. Lenovo also had some nifty e-ink color tablets and also the Yoga Book 9i, a laptop/tablet hybrid with two displays instead of one and a detachable Bluetooth keyboard.

Chefling showed off cameras that go in your refrigerator or your pantry for monitoring what foods you’re low on, and Hyper had a range of chargers and hubs on display. Hyper’s USB-C media hub for the iPad was of particular interest because it puts media controls front and center, which is nice because the ‌iPad‌ Magic Keyboard does not offer media keys. It also has ports available, including a USB-A port, microSD slot, and headphone jack.

Targus had an ambidextrous mouse that can swap between left and right-handed orientation, and Zendure had a massive $4,000 battery charger on display. Nex demoed its NexMonitor, a unique setup that’s meant to work with the Mac mini, and Lockly had fingerprint-reading locks.

Victrola featured its Stream and Carbon Onyx turntables, which allow vinyl records to be streamed to Sonos speakers, and Sony and Honda showed off a prototype vehicle.

Make sure to watch the video up above to see all of the products that Dan came across on day three, and check out our Day 1 video and our Day 2 video. If you want to know more about what’s new at CES, we have a dedicated CES 2023 hub with all of our coverage.

CES is continuing through the weekend, and we’re going to have some additional product clips on the MacRumors Instagram and TikTok channels, so make sure you’re subscribed.

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