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Apple’s Magic Keyboard Folio for the new iPad has a 14-key function row

Count ‘em: that’s 14 function keys. | Image: Apple

Apple has a new keyboard case for its redesigned lower-end iPad, the Magic Keyboard Folio, and unlike the company’s other keyboard covers for its tablets, this case has an entire row of 14 dedicated function keys.

The order of the cover’s function keys largely mirrors what you might already be familiar with from Apple’s computer and laptop keyboards. On the left, you have access to keys like escape and brightness changers, and on the right, there are keys for things such as media playback and volume.

Apple’s Magic Keyboard Folio comes in a two-piece design. The keyboard attaches to the bottom of the iPad while it’s in landscape mode and also has a large trackpad. The back panel / stand combo, which can be set up at different viewing…

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