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Apple’s 10th-gen iPad could be a huge upgrade for artists

Apple’s 10th-gen iPad is expected to be announced within days and it could be a big improvement for artists if an early case release is any indication.

A recent report has Apple readying new iPad and iPad Pro releases for the coming days but it looks like someone might have jumped the gun slightly. Twitter user @roeeban has shared photos of a new Speck 10th-gen iPad case, available for sale right now, at retailer Target. And if that case is to be believed we can expect the new entry-level tablet to have 2nd-gen Apple Pencil support built in.

Cases for new iPad already being sold at Target pic.twitter.com/CHXcgWO4k0

— Roee B (@roeeban) October 17, 2022

The current iPad only supports the original Apple Pencil – the one that doesn’t have wireless charging and has to be plugged into a Lightning port like an unfortunate protrusion. The second generation Apple Pencil magnetically attaches to the side of an iPad and charges that way, something this new Speck case appears to show.

While the two Apple Pencils look similar, the newer model includes improvements both technical and not-so-technical. Starting with the latter, the 2nd-gen Apple Pencil has a flat edge which means that it doesn’t roll off the table – a huge bonus if you’re tired of scrambling on the floor to find it. But the bigger improvement is gesture support, allowing users to double tap to change tools in apps. That can be a game changer for people who paint and draw using their iPad and frequently switch between tools.

As for the new iPad, other improvements we’re already expecting include a switch to USB-C as well as a faster A14 Bionic chip and a new flat-edged design similar to that of the iPad Pro.

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