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Apple Updates Internal ‘Unreleased Products’ Document Amid Rumors of New iPads and Macs

Apple today updated an internal support document about “unannounced or unreleased products,” according to a proven source familiar with the matter. The update comes amid rumors that Apple is planning to release new iPads and Macs soon, although there is no guarantee that these things are directly related, and coincidences happen.

The document informs Apple support advisors how to respond to a customer’s potential questions about unannounced products and services, or announced but still unreleased products. The document was “restructured and optimized” today, according to Apple’s changelog, but we do not know what specific changes were made.

Apple plans to announce updated iPad Pro, iPad Air, and MacBook Air models by late March, according to Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman.

The next iPad Pro models are widely expected to be the first iPads equipped with brighter and more vivid OLED displays. Other rumored or likely features for the iPad Pro include the M3 chip, MagSafe wireless charging, a redesigned Magic Keyboard with a larger trackpad and an aluminum top casing, and a landscape-oriented front camera.

A larger 12.9-inch iPad Air is expected alongside an updated 10.9-inch model. Other rumored or likely features for the iPad Air include the M2 chip, a redesigned rear camera bump, Wi-Fi 6E support, and Bluetooth 5.3.

The 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Air are expected to be updated with the M3 chip simultaneously, with key benefits over the M2 chip including faster performance and hardware-accelerated ray tracing for improved graphics rendering in games.

No major design changes are expected for the MacBook Air this year, but the laptops will likely gain support for Wi-Fi 6E like other Macs.

Apple already updated the 14-inch MacBook Pro, 16-inch MacBook Pro, and 24-inch iMac with the M3 chip in October 2023.

Apple often releases a new iPhone color option in March or April too.
This article, “Apple Updates Internal ‘Unreleased Products’ Document Amid Rumors of New iPads and Macs” first appeared on MacRumors.com

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