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Apple to Launch Foldable As Early As 2026 That Could Ultimately Replace iPad Mini

Apple is considering launching its first foldable in the next few years in the form of a 7- to 8-inch device that could ultimately replace the 8.3-inch iPad mini.

That’s the latest claim to come out of Korean outlet The Elec. According to the report, Apple is reviewing a launch timeframe for the device between 2026 and 2027.

However, Apple is also actively developing an OLED ‌iPad mini‌, so there remains uncertainty within Apple about the nature and specifications of the foldable. Speculation reportedly remains rife in the industry around whether it will be a foldable iPhone or foldable iPad model.

Samsung Display and LG Display have reportedly already been sending samples of 7-inch and 8-inch foldable panels to Apple since since last year.

Among the panel companies, Samsung is said to be more active in developing Apple foldable panels than LG, and is the more likely primary supplier of a foldable panel if Apple decides on a 2026 release.

Apple, Samsung Display, and LG Display are also said to have “different ideas” about the ultra-thin glass material, foldable panel cover window, and the hinge concept, which is the core of the product mechanism. It is estimated that the difference in judgment between product durability and reliability is the cause.

Once mass production is decided, Samsung is therefore expected to create the foldable panel in the 6th generation A3 or A4 OLED line that makes ‌iPhone‌ OLED panels.

Apple is also said to be working on a larger 20.5-inch foldable product that is expected to be released later than the 7- to 8-inch device.

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This article, “Apple to Launch Foldable As Early As 2026 That Could Ultimately Replace iPad Mini” first appeared on MacRumors.com

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