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Apple Shares 9-Minute Keynote-Styled Video for New iPad and iPad Pro

Apple today announced a new iPad Pro and entry-level iPad through press releases on its website and not through a typical digital event. Despite this, Apple has released a 9-minute video featuring different Apple employees talking about and presenting the new iPads.

The video, available on YouTube and Apple’s website, goes through the features of the new M2 ‌iPad Pro‌ and the new, completely redesigned 10th-generation ‌iPad‌ with members of the ‌iPad‌ team from different locations, including Apple Park.

The new ‌iPad Pro‌ is a minor spec bump that includes improved performance thanks to the ‌M2‌ chip. The new 10th-generation ‌iPad‌ is a larger update, featuring a new design and USB-C.

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