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Apple reportedly plans to launch a bigger iPad Air and OLED iPad Pro in the spring

Illustration: The Verge

Bloomberg’s Apple reporter, Mark Gurman, says Apple has some big changes coming for 2024 in the form of a bigger iPad Air joining the existing smaller size and the previously rumored iPad Pro with an OLED screen. In addition to that, the company will release an updated MacBook Air using Apple’s new M3 processor that just debuted in the updated 14-inch MacBook Pro and new iMacs.

The new iPad Air will reportedly have a 12.9-inch screen to join the 10.9-inch model, bringing the lineup much closer to the iPad Pro’s 11- and 12.9-inch options. Gurman didn’t provide a specific date, only saying the devices will arrive in “early 2024,” adding that Apple hopes to turn things around for sales of both product lines.

The company will also release a…

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