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Apple Launches 2023 Back to School Offer for Students: Up to $150 Gift Card With Mac or iPad

Apple this week launched its annual Back to School promotion for U.S. college students. This year’s promotion offers a free Apple gift card with the purchase of an eligible Mac or iPad. Apple is also offering students 20% off AppleCare+ plans.

Apple is offering a $150 gift card with any new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or iMac, and a $100 gift card with the purchase of any new iPad Pro, iPad Air, or Mac mini. The gift card can be used towards purchases of Apple products and accessories, App Store apps, subscriptions to services like Apple Music, iCloud+ storage, and more.

The promotion runs through Monday, October 2 in the U.S., according to Apple’s terms and conditions. The free gift card is in addition to Apple’s standard educational discounts of around 5% to 10% off most Macs and iPads.

The offer is available through Apple’s online education store and at Apple Store locations for students attending or accepted to a higher-education institution, faculty and staff of higher-education institutions, parents purchasing on behalf of an eligible student, employees of a K-12 institution, and select others.

not many people seem to be talking about the fact that the back to school deal launched, but heres the link: https://t.co/xKeJ59M8gL

essentially the same deal as last year, $100 gift card for iPads and $150 for Macs (excluding Mac mini, which gets $100)

— Michael Burkhardt (@tme_michael) June 6, 2023

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