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Apple Expects to Sell Fewer OLED iPad Pros Than Planned

Apple has reportedly cut components orders for its upcoming OLED iPad Pro models, suggesting that the company is now anticipating lower demand than previously expected.

According to a report from Aju Korea Daily, cited by Trendforce, Apple has reduced orders of the OLED display panels designed for the next-generation iPad Pro by 20 to 30%. Apple’s original order of ten million panels was split between LG Display, with six million units, and Samsung, with four million units. The cut is expected to hit LG’s order specifically, reducing to three or four million units, while Samsung’s order remains unchanged. This also suggests that it is primarily the 13-inch ‌iPad Pro‌ that is affected by Apple’s expectation of reduced sales, since Samsung is exclusively supplying panels for the 11.1-inch model.

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The scaling back of the order suggests that Apple is now planning to sell fewer new ‌iPad Pro‌ models than it initially expected. Some reports have suggested that OLED display technology will make the ‌‌iPad Pro‌‌ models much more expensive. The 11-inch OLED ‌‌iPad Pro‌‌ could be priced starting at $1,500, while the 13-inch model could be priced starting at $1,800. Currently, the 11-inch ‌‌iPad Pro‌‌ is priced starting at $799, while the 12.9-inch model with a mini-LED display is priced starting at $1,099. This could be one reason behind Apple’s expectation of lower sales.

The latest indications suggest that the new ‌iPad Pro‌ models will launch in March or April, offering larger screens, the M3 chip, MagSafe charging, and support for a redesigned Magic Keyboard accessory.

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